Does My Online Startup Really Work?

Does My Online Startup Really Work?

They earn income online by selling other people’s products and services. This is the idea behind the affiliate marketing business. This trend has gotten so big that people are starting to offer classes on how to do affiliate marketing effectively. One popular free course is the My Online Startup created by Chuck Nguyen. If you are interested in making your income online, check out this My Online Startup review to see if this system will work for you.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

My Online Start Up Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever liked any product so much that you start posting your positive review? It could be delicious food or a gadget that changed your life. You love it so much and you want your friends and family to enjoy it too. Soon, these other people are buying the product that you review and recommend.

That’s how the affiliate marketing business works. It is a process where an affiliate gets to earn a commission for posting a review and promoting another individual’s products or services.

With every new sale they make, you receive a part of their profit. So, it is exactly like what you do when you recommend products. The main difference is that you earn money.

According to experts, in 2022, businesses in the US will spend about $8.2 billion on affiliate marketing. Everybody wants to be a part of it. That is why it is crucial to know how to start affiliate marketing the right way. And part of that is taking courses like My Online Startup. Continue reading this review to find out what is My Online Startup and if it is a scam or not.

How does it work?

More and more companies are choosing affiliate marketing. By doing so, they do not have to rely on a small group of marketing experts.

It all starts with the creator. This can be one person or an entire enterprise. The creator comes up with a product to sell.

The product can be a physical one like food, a kitchen gadget, or a book. It can also be a service like online tutorials or writing services.

Old marketing style vs new marketing style

My Online Start Up Old way and new way

Traditionally, if the product creator wants to reach more audiences, they will post advertisements or create a commercial. The creator can also bring the products to trade shows.

New marketing strategies require posting ads on different platforms, sharing content related to the product on a blog, and posting a video review about it on YouTube.

All these marketing tasks take a lot of time and effort. If the creator is not interested or capable of doing the tasks needed to market the products, he or she can hire a marketing company to do all those.

Affiliate marketing steps in

Not all creators can afford to hire a team of marketing experts. Instead, they can rely on a few people to create a buzz for the product and have them sell it to the people in their network. This is how affiliate marketing works.

What is great about it is that the company gets to work with various individuals with different selling approaches. Then, once they discover which marketing strategies work best, they can start training other affiliates.

What does the affiliate do?

My Online Start Up What Affiliates do

As an affiliate, an individual markets or sells the products in an attractive way to possible consumers. In short, the affiliate finds a way to convince consumers about the benefit or value of buying the product. Each affiliate is given by the merchant a unique affiliate link.

If the customer purchases the product or signs up for services using the affiliate link, the affiliate will receive a part of the revenue generated. This is also called a commission.

Affiliates have a niche or target audience for their marketing efforts. They usually stick to their target audience’s preferences and interests. The target audience is reached through their WordPress blogs, social media, or sometimes even on their affiliate marketing website. The marketers also post content like pictures, product reviews, and other related articles.

Some affiliates let their audience know that sales from the product they review provide them with commissions. They let the potential consumers know outright that they get a share of the creator’s profits.

Others choose not to let their consumers know about their affiliation with the creator of the product. They review the product without letting the consumer know that they get commissions from sales.

Some customers don’t mind this because the affiliate’s commission doesn’t change the price of the product anyway. It is already built into the retail price.

Should you enroll in an affiliate marketing class?

Becoming a wealthy affiliate may seem easy at first. All you have to do is to choose a platform where you want to build an audience. This can be on YouTube, various social media, or even a blog on WordPress.

Then, you need to join an affiliate program. There are so many to choose from. You can join a low volume yet high-paying one. Or you can opt for a high-volume program that gives small commissions. If you are confident enough, go for the high-volume program that also pays a high commission.

Challenges of a beginner

Choosing the platform and program to join is already challenging for people looking to start an online business. Growing your audience is not as easy as it sounds. And because you are posting ads on your social media accounts would not assure you of sales. Then there’s the challenge of finding the right affiliate program to go with your niche.

However, the biggest challenge that you might face when you start an online business is the competition. Since this is a big industry, you have to be able to stand out in your niche to attract more audiences. By now, all the other affiliates have their attention.

That is why it could be a good idea to go through an affiliate marketing training program. A program like the My Online Startup will teach you how to start and grow your affiliate marketing empire. You want to establish yourself as an Authority Affiliate. This is where My Online Startup can help you. Continue reading this My Online Startup review to find out more.

How to set yourself apart

It is important to note that nearly all the current affiliate programs out there will provide you with all you need to know to start. Enrolling in a separate training course is not a requirement.

The affiliate program will send you the resources to promote their products, so you don’t need to create your materials to post on your channel or WordPress website. However, these resources will be the same as what other affiliates will receive.

It is how you package these resources that will make the difference and convince the audience to click on your link rather than on others’. The knowledge of how to grab the attention of the audience is what affiliate marketing courses like My Online Startup will provide you and more.

What is My Online Startup?

My Online Start Up Generated Targeted Traffic

There are hundreds of training courses on affiliate marketing out there. You may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Some are for absolute beginners, and some target more established affiliates.

My Online Startup is a free, beginner-friendly, affiliate marketing course that you can take online. It is perfect for absolute beginners who have no idea how to start making a profit by being an affiliate.

The free affiliate marketing course teaches you the basics of establishing a successful online business that is profitable and sustainable as well. Chuck doesn’t just teach you how to make money; he helps you establish a business that will last. This is one of the main selling points of My Online Startup.

Some people take up affiliate marketing as a second job, a way to earn easy commissions. They try it out and earn a small amount of money. However, when they start experiencing competition or they can’t attract more audience, they drop the venture. This training course will teach you how to get over that hump and continue growing in this industry.

If you are willing to train and follow the steps in Chuck Nguyen’s My Online Startup free course, then you are assured that you are going to be on the right path to becoming a good affiliate and having a sustainable online business.

How does My Online Startup work?

My Online Start Up Steps

Starting your marketing journey with the My Online Startup is simple. You don’t have to leave the house; Chuck will come to you in the form of his free training video tutorials. All you need is your computer, access to the Internet, and the patience to follow the lessons step-by-step without skipping.

Sign up for a free account

Just like the Wealthy Affiliate, this free course is very simple to follow. The first step is to become a free MOS member. You don’t have to worry about the fee because it is free to join My Online Startup.

Go to the official website. Find the menu My Online Startup and sign up for a free member account. You will need to provide a valid Gmail address for this step.

After signing up, wait for a few minutes for the confirmation email and verify your email address.

Begin your training using the free resources

Once your email has been confirmed, you are already a free member. You can already start training using the My Online Startup resources. The free account gives you access to the resources for building your sustainable business online. Check the menu My Online Startup to see where you should start. With a free membership, Chuck Nguyen will already provide you with a step-by-step guide of what to do to start your journey. His guidance comes in the form of fifty high-quality training videos

After the initial videos, Chuck covers other things like the plan on how you make come up with your products. Besides becoming a creator, he also covers the topics of promoting products.

You will be required to have a Clickbank account because this is one of the affiliate products that the course features. This is nothing to worry about since you can sign up for a Clickbank account for free.

The My Online Startup also has an affiliate program. You can share it with others through your unique link. You are not required to do so, but it is a good way to test if you like marketing, especially if you have zero experience with it.

What you will learn from the My Online Startup Program

My Online Start Up Free Course and Community

Upon signing up for the free membership, you will gain access to over eleven hours of free My Online Startup training in the form of pre-recorded videos. These are delivered by the CEO, Chuck Nguyen. These videos are everything you need to launch your sustainable online business.

Get Started video with Chuck Nguyen

My Online Start Up Chuck Nguyen

The first video is an introduction by Chuck. Here, he takes about 20 minutes to explain what the My Online Startup training course is about. He introduces the My Online Startup so that you know what to expect.

This is a good starting point because it provides an overview of the topics that will be coming. This is worth watching if ever you are wondering, “How do I start up my online business?” so don’t skip it.

The Game Plan

My Online Start Up Game Plan

The next video is where Chuck talks about affiliate marketing itself. If you’ve only heard about this business trend and are not yet convinced whether it is the business for you, watching this will convince you.

The video is a little longer than half an hour where Chuck covers why this business could be the most successful online business option out there right now.

Training on having the Success Mindset

In the next seven My Online Startup videos, Chuck covers how you can develop a success mindset. In every business, you cannot come in with the fear that you will fail. You must visualize that you are going to succeed in this endeavor.

So, for the next three hours of the free training, Chuck uses his step 2 success mindset to prepare you for your business journey. He gives tips and helpful information that will set you up with an advantage over other novice marketers.

According to one My Online Startup review, this part alone is already worth the time you will invest in the program because not very many training courses help foster the winning mindset.

The Success mindset training is what many people like about My Online Startup because it puts you in the right frame of mind and gets you ready for the struggles with the tools to overcome them.

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

My Online Start Up Industry

The next part of the My Online Startup free training course is the actual work. This 5-video lesson is where Chuck talks about all the important details of this field. It introduces the top niches that you can try to get into as a beginner.

This is probably the part of the program where you need to bring out a pen and notebook and start taking down notes. The beauty of online video training is that you can pause the resource any time and write down your thoughts.

Lead Generation training

My Online Start Up Lead Generation

One of the most difficult things to do when you start a business is to generate leads. A lead is an individual that has expressed interest in the product or service that you are promoting.

Pursuing leads is typically more fruitful than randomly calling individuals on a list because these people are already interested in what you are offering. You need to close the deal.

Lead generation is the method of using a lead generation system to turn strangers into potential clients. And there are so many ways to do this and you won’t use just one generation system. My Online Startup and Chuck Nguyen allots over two hours to cover this important topic.

This crucial part of the free training covers everything from choosing the right generation system, capturing leads, and making capture pages. It teaches you how to generate entries for your email list. It even has a segment on setting up your autoresponders system to send out to the people on your email list. This makes sure that you can turn your target audience into interested consumers of your products.

Creating an affiliate marketing blog

One of the most important tools of any marketer is his or her blog. This is where you post your content that will pull in the audience to take a closer look at the product or service that you are promoting.

The next seven My Online Startup videos of the free training will focus on the importance of the blog and how you can make it work for you. Chuck Nguyen does a great job of handing out tools in creating an effective marketing blog. He talks about the platform, like WordPress, you can use to make your blog. He also covers what you need to put on it to attract your audience and keep them coming back until they make a purchase.

Working on YouTube Marketing

My Online Start Up Youtube Marketing

The other tool that will help you build your audience following is your YouTube channel. Posting videos can be more powerful than posting texts online.

In the next six videos, Chuck covers how amazing YouTube is as a tool and how you can harness its potentials in gaining more followers and increasing your audience reach. The more people who see your content, the bigger chances to make money.

Chuck also talks about great resources to use to make better YouTube videos. Included in his 40-minute talk are the videos that you can try to emulate.

Forum Marketing training

Where do you find your audience? There is no quick answer for this because the answer will depend on your niche. However, there are a few traffic sources that are considered good quality. Chuck discusses this in the 14-minute video.

While short, this is an important part of the My Online Startup training because you can produce the best content there is, if you do not know where to put that content, it will be useless. You need to be able to find a good source of traffic to maximize the potentials of your content.

How to use targeted solo ads

Free traffic sources are great, but they are already getting tapped by all the other affiliates out there. If you want to stand out, you will need to access paid traffic sources. This is where targeted solo ads come in.

Now, since you are going to be using the money for this marketing effort, you need to make the solo ads count. This 47-minute-long training will teach you how to find the perfect paid sources that you can use to promote your startup.

Introduction to three traffic networks

The final part of the free system is a 3-video segment that talks about traffic networks. Chuck talks about three traffic networks that beginners like you can use to promote your products and reach more people.

He suggests the use of these three traffic networks because joining them is either free or super affordable. They are Leads Leap, Infinity Traffic Boost, and Lead Ads Space.

As you can see, the free membership on My Online Startup already gives a huge amount of information and training to help you get started as an affiliate marketer. With what you will learn here, you can already start exploring and earning from affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more, Chuck encourages the free members to upgrade to the next level. It is called the Inner Circle Mentorship program.

Advantages of Joining this program


If you are starting in any endeavor, arming yourself with all the information you can get your hands on will give you an advantage.

And you need all the advantages you can get if you are trying to break into this field because everyone is trying it out. You will want to get yourself noticed to earn from this online business and generate more income streams.

Being a free member of the My Online Startup course is going to be so beneficial to you because it will give you all the tools you need to start earning as an affiliate marketer. It also offers the resources that you can learn from to make this a sustainable money-making venture.

Besides the beginner course is free, there are advantages to signing up.

The free affiliate marketing training is comprehensive

Chuck did an awesome job in creating over fifty high-quality, information-packed videos. The program not only convinces you of the benefits of becoming an affiliate but also gives you all the information you need to know about the business model, how to find traffic, and convert casual viewers into leads.

The free program is enough to get you started. Even if you decide that you do not want to upgrade to the next training level, you will already have to knowledge to start making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Once you finish the entire system, you will already know about lead generation systems, how to increase your conversions, make effective blog articles, even conduct forum marketing.

One of the most important, and often skipped parts of the course is mindset training. This is an invaluable part of the program that others do not provide.

Mindset training is extremely crucial if you are looking at turning affiliate marketing into a money-making venture and not a hobby.

Coming in with a winning mindset will help you survive the difficult periods in your affiliate life. It will help you deal with the daily struggles of having an online business.

It already comes with earning opportunities

Because you are provided with a referral link, if you promote My Online Startup on your social media accounts, YouTube videos, and blog, you will already get an opportunity to earn easy commissions.

If the people in your network get convinced to try out the program and upgrade to the mentorship program level, you will receive commissions and make money with My Online Startup.

If you are an absolute beginner, this will be your first foray into the affiliate marketing field. You can try out what you’ve learned from the training course to promote the business program.

This is a unique advantage that My Online Startup offers. Not very many training programs offer their free members the chance to earn 50% commissions. This is huge if you can convince people to join and upgrade. It is your first step to becoming a wealthy affiliate.

You get to be a part of the Master Mind group

My Online Start Up Master the skill to Virtuality


The Master Mind group is a private Facebook community. As beginners, having access to a group made up of like-minded individuals, all interested in becoming or are already thriving as affiliate marketers, is priceless.

Once you’ve signed up as a free member, you are already free to join My Online Startup FB group and begin learning from the other members.

If you need some help addressing certain problems, want to learn tips and secrets, or simply need encouragement, this group will provide it for you. You can ask the other members your questions about forum marketing, using solo ads, or generating more income streams.

Is My Online Startup a scam? Any member of the group can disprove that by their testimonials. They have proved that they are making money online through this system.

The training videos featuring Chuck are also posted there. If you have any questions or comments about them, you can post them and get answers from other members immediately. You can reply to a post of any member too.

The My Online Startup Support staff is very accommodating.

When dealing with online transactions, one of the most frustrating things is waiting for a reply from the Customer representative.

You will not need to wait long for any of the support staff to reply to your inquiries. They seem to genuinely want to help you start making money online. Even Chuck replies to questions posted on the group’s page.

And don’t just rely on this My Online Startup review. If you check out the testimonials of people who have tried the business program, the responsiveness of the course staff is always praised.

On top of that, when you sign up, you will be assigned a personal support agent. You can contact that agent via email or messages on Facebook.

This is a unique feature that you can apply when dealing with your customers. If the customer feels valued enough to warrant a specific agent to deal with any problem or question, he or she will be easier to convince to make a purchase.

Should you sign up for the Upgrades?

The things that you will learn when you choose the free membership with the My Online Startup course are good enough to get you started on any online business. There is no pressure nor need to upgrade, particularly if your niche is not Internet Marketing.

However, if you want to succeed in the Make Money Online niche, then it is a good idea to look into a more intensive training program. Members of this niche refer to people running online businesses or who want to establish affiliate marketing websites for themselves.

Just like Wealthy Affiliates, My Online Startup offers upgrades to the free membership. These are not just training programs but actual lucrative opportunities to make money online.

Partner Program Upgrade

When you pay the one-time fee for the Partner Upgrade, you receive the following perks:

Exclusive opportunity and rights to promote My Online Startup
Access to the group coaching program called “30 Days to Massive Wealth”
Authority Spotlight
Higher commission – If anybody signs up for a partner upgrade using your link, you receive a $100 commission
Access to other income streams:

Traffic For Me
Click Magick
Wealthy Affiliate

If any of your referrals decide to use the services of these businesses and have no existing accounts with them, you will receive a hefty commission.

Additionally, as a partner, you will gain access to additional learning modules such as the Facebook Method and Preparing Success.

According to one My Online Startup review, even if it entails paying a fee, this upgrade offers minimal risks. It can pay off if you apply what you’ve learned in the program.

Legendary Partner Upgrade

If you are very serious about making money online and want to upgrade even further, you can also sign up for the Legendary Partner program. You will need to pay another one-time upgrade fee to become a Legendary partner. With this membership upgrade, you get to become a member of the Inner Circle group for life. This is the higher-tier Facebook group of the My Online Startup. A member with this upgrade gets to have one-on-one mentoring sessions with Chuck himself.

However, the biggest feature of this upgrade is the 50% commission you will receive if a partner which you referred decides to upgrade his or her membership to the Legendary Partner level as well.

There are also the Partner Matching bonus, Legendary Pass Ups, and more income online via multiple streams. Based on testimonials from a My Online Startup review, this member upgrade poses significant financial risks, especially if you are a newbie in this field.

Final Thoughts for this My Online Startup review

Is My Online Startup affiliate marketing training program a scam? It is not. The conclusion of this My Online Startup review is that the free training alone makes being a member of My Online Startup worth it. If you are a business owner, starting to go into an online business or dream of becoming an affiliate marketer, this is a program that you need to consider.

This My Online Startup review has shown that there is virtually no risk involved at this tier because you will not be spending money. You need to allow several hours of your time, and the knowledge you will gain from the videos is going to help you.

As for the upgrades, their value to you will depend on your end goal and your skills as an affiliate. If you feel confident in your ability to find prospects on Facebook and think that you are skilled enough to make the sale, the upgrade’s opportunities will be worth the extra fee you need to shell out because you get to earn easy commissions.

Author: Jeffrey Wright